Turnitin- why can I not submit my file?

There are several instances where a submission may not be successful:

Click ‘Submit’ – You have not clicked a ‘Submit’ or ‘Submit toTurnitin’ button that may appear after initially uploading your file.

Browser issues – You must use a supported internet browser in order to successfully submit a paper.  Please update your  internet browser to the latest supported version if you have any doubts about this. Our advice is to never use Internet Explorer. Users should use Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome and if there are problems with one of these then try with a different browser to the one originally using.

If you continue to experience upload issues, you may try “disabling” all your browser’s plugins/extensions and try uploading again. You can re-enable the plugins/extensions after your upload attempt.

Network Connection problems  – If the connection is slow this can cause the page to time out

Firewall / Anti-virus  – Your computer’s firewall or anti-virus software (e,g, AVG) may be preventing Turnitin from working properly. If this is the case then you should add the following as a “safe site” (i.e, Trusted Site or WhiteList) to your firewall and/or browser:

  • *.turnitin.com
  • *.submit.ac.uk
  • *.edgecastcdn.net
  • *.edgecast.net

If you do not know how to do this, please contact the help desk for the antivirus/firewall program in question for instructions.  Also, you must use a supported internet browser in order to successfully submit a paper.

Wrong file size or type – Your file must not be blank, must contain a minimum of 25 words, must be under 20MB (or approximately two million characters),  must not contain spaces in between every letter (l i k e  t h i s)., and must not contain scanned images

Files uploaded to Turnitin must have correctly matching file extensions.  For example, if you save a document as a Word file, it must have a Word extension (.doc or .docx).  Turnitin will automatically reject files with mis-matched extensions (e.g., a .doc Word file manually edited to a .rtf extension without using the “Save As” feature).  If you are experiencing a file format issue, please re-open the file in a word processor, and save the file again using the “save as” function and choosing a different format from the file type pull down menu (try .rtf or .txt as they are the most “safe”).

To submit a paper to Turnitin, your paper must meet their requirements. Turnitin will currently accept the following file types:

  1. Microsoft Word® (.doc / .docx)*
  2. OpenOffice (.odt)**
  3. Google Docs via Google Drive
  4. WordPerfect®  (.wpd)
  5. PostScript (.ps/.eps)
  6. Adobe® PDF
  7. Microsoft PowerPoint® (.pptx, .ppt, .ppsx, and .pps)
  8. HTML
  9. Image files (+ some text)  – see what image files and formats are accepted
  10. Rich text format (.rtf)
  11. Plain text (.txt)
  12. Hangul Word Processor file (.hwp)

Please note that Turnitin does not support:

  1.  Microsoft Works (.wps)
  2. Apple Pages file types
  3. Spreadsheets (e.g., Excel files but does accept .csv files)
  4. PDF files of images, or PDF files which do not contain highlightable text (e.g., a “scanned” file, which is often simply a picture of text, is unacceptable).

Therefore, if you are using an unsupported word processor, you may need to save the file as a .txt or .rtf file in order to upload to Turnitin.

*Note: They do not accept Microsoft Word 2007 macros-enabled (.docm) files (but do accept the standard .docx files). Whatever macro is encoded in the file is stripped away when submitted to Turnitin. For example, when using a “letter replacement macro,”  the macro is stripped from the Wordfile, and whatever characters the student originally had in the file will appear (e.g. “a~”).

**Note: Turnitin will not accept .odt files created from Google Docs. Turnitin may not accept “.doc” files created using OpenOffice since OpenOffice “.doc” files are not 100% Microsoft Word equivalent.

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