What happens if I delete a Turnitin activity in Moodle?

If you delete a Turnitin activity in Moodle, it does NOT get automatically deleted in Turnitin.

If you accidentally delete a Turnitin activity in Moodle –  we will *not* be able to restore it unless the course team has got a recent course back up available for us to use. The owner of the activity ( the person who set up the activity) will however still be able to access and download the submissions in Turnitin itself.

If you plan to delete a Turnitin activity

  • We suggest you rename the Moodle Turnitin activity by adding the words DO NOT USE at the start or end. Wait a few minutes to allow the Turnitin database to reflect the name change and then delete the activity in Moodle.
  • This measure is necessary in case students attempt to submit via the Turnitin website instead of Moodle. This has been known to happen but is not something CLTAD encourages or supports as we do not manage the Turnitin website.
  • You can then email the Turnitin Administrator at elearning support with full details of the Turnitin Activity that you want removed from the Turnitin website.

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