Turnitin: The originality report is still pending

When a file is successfully submitted ( you can see the file, paper id, date,and and have received an email receipt) and you see Pending this means

  • you are allowed to see the Originality Report
  • your file is waiting to be checked by Turnitin (but has been submitted)

It can take about 20 minutes for a report to generate after a first submission. During busy periods this can take longer – between 3- 24 hours.

If you are allowed to do multiple submissions, please allow 24 hours between each submission to allow time for the report to be generated.

If you still see pending after 24 hours please contact dlsupport@arts.ac.uk and say that you have been waiting over 24 hours for the originality report. Please also provide the URL of the course and the location of the Turnitin submission area.

If you do not see pending at all after submission but see a Submit to Turnitin icon then your work has *not* been submitted as there is an issue with the file uploaded. If this is the case please view the following:

Getting Started
Important information you need to know before submitting your assignment.
View manual (PDF)

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