Originality reports: before and after a due date

Where students are allowed to upload as many times as they like before a due date,and see an Originality Report

  • The report that is immediately generated and provided to the student (i.e. *before* the due date of the assignment) does NOT include matches to other student papers in the SAME assignment. Before the assignment due date passes, the report only includes matches to existing student papers on the Turnitin database, journals and publications, and internet sources.

The Originality Report is completely and automatically re-generated for ALL papers in the assignment *after* the due date has passed, thus comparing papers between students in the *same* class/assignment.

  • This may result in the Similarity Index (percentage), displayed to the student at the time of submission, to be different to that which is displayed after the due date has passed.  For example, if a student had collaborated with another student in the same class/assignment, there would be a match between those papers, so the percentage may increase.
  • If late submissions have been allowed to be made after the due date of the assignment, the late-submitted paper will be added to the database immediately. The report generated for that late submission *will* search every other paper already submitted to the assignment (i.e. the papers submitted on-time).
  • The assignment will *NOT* regenerate reports for the already-submitted papers just because a student submits late.  So, the reports for the “submitted-on-time” papers will not consider or include the late-submission in their assessments.

Note:  Similar papers submitted to a different class or via different accounts will match each other, even if they are submitted to the same instructor. Also, if the instructor submits the same paper as a “non-enrolled student” to the assignment, then it will match the student’s paper.

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