I get a duplicate copy of a Turnitin assignment notice. How do I fix this?

If you restore a backup containing Turnitin assignments or import them from a Moodle course you will see the following warning message:

Duplicate copies of the same Turnitin assignments were found, duplicates occur when one or more Moodle Direct assignment is connected to the same one Turnitin assignment via the Turnitin API. This is known to cause issues, most notably submissions made to one of the duplicates will show up in the submission inbox of the others. To fix this you should either delete the duplicate assignments or reset the course where the duplicate assignments are.
The following duplicates were found:

To fix this you need to either:

  • Remove one of these assignments. You can recreate a new Turnitin assignment manually replace it if required. OR
  • Reset your course (with only the default Turnitin reset option selected!) so that Turnitin copies all the assignments on the course and creates new ones. NOTE: *DO NOT do this if you have any current assignments with submissions* anywhere in the course. After you reset, the links to all assignments in the course will be lost and new assignments will be created in their place.

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