How to reduce image sizes in Microsoft Word?

The file size of your assignment should be no more than 20MB when you upload your written assignment.  Turnitin will not accept an assignment that is larger than 20Mb (MB stands for MegaBytes) and you will get an error message which reads:

Uploaded file exceeded the maximum size limit set by the form.

If your file size is too big it may be that your assignment contains uncompressed or un-optimised images or charts.

How to check your file size:

On a PC, right click on the file and select properties.word filesize

  • look for the file size in the window that appears. This window may look slightly different depending on what version of Windows you have.
  • In the example to the right, the file size is 10.9Kb. KB stands for KiloBytes.

Microsoft Word 2007

  • Right click on any image in your document and select Format Picture

Format Picture

  • In the dialog box that opens click the Compress… button:

compress picture

Make sure the All pictures in document option is selected and that the Compress pictures check box is ticked. Click OK:

all pics

A dialogue box comes up asking if you want to Apply the changes. Click Apply:


Microsoft Word 2010

  • Select any picture within your document. compress_word2010
  • Select the Picture Tools Format tab.
  • Click Compress Pictures

For .docx files this dialog box will appear:

Deselect the Apply only to this picture option if you

docxwish all pictures to be compressed.

  • Choose either the selected Use document resolution or
  • the E-mail option to reduce the size of the images


Compressing images before you add them to your document

  • Keep your image file size to around 100KB.
  • Avoid compressing your images too much as the image quality will be poor.
  • Check the file size of the image you want to put into your assignment document before you add it, right click on the image file and select properties.

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