How do I delete paper submissions from Turnitin ?

Delete a paper submission from the Turnitin database:

If you have enabled resubmission and the due date and time have not passed then you just need to delete the submission from the submission area in Moodle as follows:

  • Go to turnitin activity – click to open it
  • Click on submission inbox tab
  • Search for the student in question
  • click the trash can at the end of the row that the file submission is in

If however the due date and time have passed and the submission is in the database then only Turnitin can delete it. This is true also for paper submissions in the database that you wish to remove as a searchable source.

For contractual reasons, all requests for paper deletions from the Turnitin database must be submitted in writing by the UAL Turnitin administrator.  (eLearning Support)

  • Click on the paper submission  file in the Turnitin activity in Moodle that is to be deleted
  • Once a new window opens please  email elearning support with the following information  to pass on to Turnitin
    • the paper ID number, class ID number and assignment name

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