How do I bulk download Turnitin assignments / grademarked papers?

You can bulk download the original files, PDF versions of the original files and grades (along with the matching scores) from your Moodle course.

    • Click on the assignment name in Moodle.
    • In the Summary tab you will see 3 file icons in the Export column:
      • Word icon – downloads the original file (usually either Word or PDF formats).
      • PDF icon – downloads a PDF version of the original file.
      • Excel icon – downloads a spreadsheet containing each student’s assignment grades and the overlap scores (or similarity match score).
    • When the Download File page has loaded, click on the link to download the assignments in zipped file format.
    • To unzip, locate the* turnitinuk_zip_download* file on your computer and follow the instructions below for the operating system you are using:
Windows XP

  • Right-click on the file and choose Extract All…, then click Next, Next, Finish.
  • A new folder with the same name will appear containing all the assignment files.
 Windows 7

  • Right-click on the file and choose Extract All… and click Extract.
  • A new folder with the same name will appear containing all the assignment files.
 Apple Mac

  • Double click on the file.
  • A new folder with the same name will appear containing all the assignment files.

Downloading Grademarked papers (from

It is not yet possible to bulk download Turnitin assignments with Grademark feedback from within Moodle. You need to log into Turnitin directly. Follow these steps to bulk download grademarked assignments directly from Turnitin:

  • In Moodle make sure you are the class owner for the assignment (check the turnitin assignment’s summary tab).
  • If you are NOT the class owner for that assignment, click on the Turnitn Tutors icon, An asterix appears beside the name of the current owner, Click the asterix beside your name. Turnitin will update so that you will now have access to the assignment via (How to become the owner?)
  • Visit in your web browser.
  • Log in using your UAL email address and Turnitin password. If you have forgotten (or never received) your password you can use the *Forgotten Password? *link to retrieve it.
  •  Once you have logged in, click on the Instructor tab in the top, left corner of the page. All your Moodle courses that contain Turnitin assignments will be listed.
  •  Click on the relevant course (you may need to click on the [All classes] tab to see it).
  •  Click on the name of the Turnitin assignment for which you want to bulk download  submissions.
  •  Click View to see each student’s submission.
  •  Click on the first checkbox alongside author to select all the assignments.
  •  Click Download > Original File* or* Grademark paper *(the latter will contain any feedback  you returned to the student via Grademark).

If you don’t get the option to download the original file you need to ensure the *Post date is set to be in the past. You can change this in Moodle from the Turnitin Summary page .

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