How can I change the owner of a Turnitin activity?

It is not necessary to be the owner to view and comment on submissions in Turnitin via Moodle links – you just need to be a Turnitin Tutor

However, if you need to  bulk download submissions for grademarked papers – only an owner can do so via Turnitin itself .

To find out who is the owner (person who set up the assignment)

  • log into Moodle
  • click on the relevant Turnitin activity
  • click on the Turnitin Tutors icon on Summary page

The owner will have an asterix beside their name. To change the owner to yourself

  • click the asterix beside your name
  • Turnitin will update so that you will now have access to the assignments via

Remember to make the orignal named person the owner again

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