Changing class end date / Expire or extend a class

Staff can modify class end dates at any time.

Extending a class date may allow students to continue submitting papers. Expiring a class will effectively close the class, and prevent students from submitting any more papers.  Classes which are no longer needed should be expired to prevent the UAL Turnitin account from reaching the student limit prematurely.

To expire or extend a class, please do the following:

  1. Sign into your account in Moodle
  2. Go to your course and click Edit content
  3. Click on the Turnitin activity
  4. Click on the edit icon  on the right of the table that appears at the bottom of the Summary page.
  5. Expiring Class: Change the class end date to a date in the near future (eg. tomorrow). The class will expire at 12:00am on the end date. (The class end date must be set to a future date).
  6. Extend Class: Change the class end date to a future date.  You can only extend the date for up to five years from the time the class was created.  (Example: Start date: April 1, 2010 you can only extend to April 1, 2015. )
  7. If fields are empty, select the Subject(s) and Student Level(s)/Age(s) that best fit the class.
  8. Click “Submit.”

Note: Expired classes are archived as view-only, in Turnitin and no further modifications will be allowed. If you do not see the expired class in your class list in Turnitin, please be certain the tabs “all classes” or “expired classes” are selected.  Any student enrolled in an expired class will NOT count against the UAL Turnitin student limit.

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