Can I check individual student work in Turnitin even if Turnitin is not being used?on a course

It is possible to submit draft or final student submissions in Turnitin even if  Turnitin is not being used for online submissions generally.

For draft submissions:

Step 1: Set up a Turnitin submission area in Moodle

  • Go to the course or all year  moodle course the student is enrolled on
  • Click edit content
  • In top section click Add an activity or resource and click Turnitin
  • Follow this guide Create a Practice area but before you save it at step 1 in the guide make sure you select up to 5 parts under general options as a file cannot exceed 20MB and hide it from students. Under step 2 – note only staff enrolled on the moodle course can be added as a turnitin tutor. The person who creates the activity is the owner and will be listed as tutor with a * next to their name

Step 2: Link activity to a group

  • Follow this advice Link Turnitin to a group and if only checking one student use the student’s name as the group and grouping name and just add them to it.

Step3: Check file format and submit the work

Step 4: Add comments etc to the work

Step 5: Release feedback via Turntin to the student

If you want the student to see this feedback etc then

For final submissions:

Step 1: Set up a Turnitin submission area in Moodle

  1. Go to  your Moodle Course  where the student is enrolled ( preferably Year Course or Unit)
  2. Click Edit Content
  3. In top section (under My Assessment Feedback) click Add an activity or resource and follow this guide –  but before you save the activity set up make sure
  • you select up to 5 parts (under general options) if the file to be checked is large and
  • select HIDE under Visible setting

Please note that with this set up, the originality report is generated on submission and can only be seen by staff. The submitted papers are stored in the Turnitin repository. Once the due date is passed all originality reports are updated.  See

 Step 2: Check the file format

Step 3: Submit on behalf of a student

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