Can I bulk upload student assessments to Turnitin?

Yes you can. However, check with your course team that this something you want to do.

  1. Students need to either upload a file(s) to a dedicated Moodle assignment area or email the file to a nominated member of staff.  (See How to Create a Moodle Assignment )
  2. A dedicated member of staff should download the Moodle Assignment submissions (this will be a zip folder) or collate the email submissions into a zip folder
    • The zip folder cannot exceed 200 MB. The amount of data within the folder may be under 200MB, however the library file within the zip folder can take it over the 200MB limit. It may be helpful to ensure that the data within a folder is kept at about 185MB in size. Please also verify that there are no more than 1,000 files located within the zip folder. Please ensure that all of the documents in the zip file are in one folder, and there are no additional folders or sub-folders (Turnitin will not accept documents from sub-folders).
  3. Staff need to create a Turnitin Activity in the Moodle course if not done so already
  4. The person who created the Turnitin activity (owner) will need to upload the zip folder(s) to Turnitin as follows:
    • Sign into your account at  (ual email and your turnitin password)
    • Click on the class name
    • Click on the assignment
    • Click on the “submit paper” icon
    • Select “zip file upload” from the “choose a paper submission method:” pull down menu.
    • Click “Browse…”
    • In the new window, find the zip file on your computer. Select the file and click “open.”
    • Click “submit.”
    • Confirm the files to be uploaded.
    • Fill in the author and titles (optional)
  5. In Moodle click on the relevant Turnitin activity and refresh submissions to view them. If the user is not a Moodle user then they show up as Firstname Surname (non-moodle user)

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