Who should I contact if I have problems submitting to Moodle Assignment?

If you are sure your file is within the size limit and is the correct format  according to you Assignment Brief but are unable to upload your file, then you should email or contact  your named course administrator  (not your course tutor or elearning support) with the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your assignment title
  • The course you are submitting your assignment (provide the course URL)
  • The assignment name and location ( URL)
  • Description of the issue
  • The steps you have taken so far to try to upload the assignment to Moodle Assignment (what you were doing, when, where (UAL or elsewhere), on what (PC or MAC); what browser using etc together with any screengrabs) and details of any error codes or messages 
  • The times you were attempting to submit

The course administrator will take you through a checklist of potential faults. If you still cannot submit they will may ask you to resubmit or send them the file you are trying to submit  (The file sent by email can only be 5MB so the original file may need to be broken up)

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