Turnitin: I tried submitting but Moodle shows ‘Submit to Turnitin’ button

If you see  a ‘Submit to Turnitin icon’ next to your submission  under your My Submissions tab in a Turnitin submission area in Moodle after submitting a file

submit iconand

  • do not see a successful submission message below you file submission or paper ID
  • have not received an email confirming receipt of successful submission

then your file has not been submitted.

Please click the ‘Submit to Turnitin’ link.

You should now see a successful submission message. If not, you will see:

a) either an error code (at bottom of screen ) or a blank screen – if so please take a screenshot and send it with details of what you are trying to do and where + file to your course tutor and elearning-support@arts.ac.uk
b) or the ‘Submit to Turnitin’ button again in which case it may be that your file is blank, the wrong size, wrong format or has incorrect content in it

If b) make sure

  1. Your file has a minimum of 25 words, is over 20MB (or approximately two million characters),  does not contain spaces in between every letter (l i k e  t h i s)., and does not contain scanned images
  2. Your file has the correct file extension.  For example, if you save a document as a Word file, it must have a Word extension (.doc or .docx).  Turnitin will automatically reject files with mis-matched extensions (e.g., a .doc Word file manually edited to a .rtf extension without using the “Save As” feature).  If you are experiencing a file format issue, please re-open the file in a word processor, and save the file again using the “save as” function and choosing a different format from the file type pull down menu (try .rtf or .txt as they are the most “safe”).
  3. Your file is one of these types:
        • Microsoft Word® (.doc / .docx)*
        • OpenOffice (.odt)**
        • Google Docs via Google Drive  (not recommended)
        • WordPerfect®  (.wpd)
        • PostScript (.ps/.eps)
        • Adobe® PDF
        • Microsoft PowerPoint® (.pptx, .ppt, .ppsx, and .pps)
        • HTML
        • Rich text format (.rtf)
        • Image files (+ some text)  – see what image files and formats are accepted
        • Plain text (.txt)
        • Hangul Word Processor file (.hwp)

Please note that Turnitin does not support:

  1. Microsoft Works (.wps)
  2. Apple Pages file types
  3. Spreadsheets (e.g., Excel files  – but it does accept .csv)
  4. PDF files of images, or PDF files which do not contain highlightable text (e.g., a “scanned” file, which is often simply a picture of text, is unacceptable).

If you are using an unsupported word processor, you may need to save the file as a .txt or .rtf file in order to upload to Turnitin.

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