How can I check students’ activities on a Moodle course?

It is possible to see when students (and staff) last used a Moodle course and which section.

  • Log into Moodle
  • Click on the course to review
  • Go to UAL Navigation block ( you may need to add this – from Edit content view)
  • Scroll down left hand menu and click Participants
  • Search for and click on the user whose log you want to check
  • The user’s profile will appear
  • Scroll down left hand menu and click Activity Log under the name of user selected
  • Click on log type to view e.g. All logs

You can see when and what the user accessed re your course.

This will not tell you if a student actually submitted a Moodle or Turnitin Assignment or what was posted to a discussion post but does provide useful information

See also Moodle Reports 

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